Mac Miller and Schoolboy Q shot by 13thWitness

Inside The Cover: Issue 53

Take journey with us through the jungles of Queens, New York with the Issue 53 "Nature Boys," Mac Miller and ScHoolboy Q.

Out in the rare jungles of Queens, New York, Mac Miller and ScHoolBoy Q boy met up with director and photographer 13thWitness to embark on a short adventure filed with fishing, archery, hunting, and of course plenty of herbs. The outcome of the adventure is our cover story for Issue 53 – subscribe to Mass Appeal now for your copy.

Check out the video above to experience the fuckery with Mac, Q, and 13th and get a glimpse into their ridiculous adventure into the nature. From dodging trains, playing with dead fish, and hilarious pranks, catch a glimpse inside the antics that happen while hanging with Mac and ScHoolBoy Q. For more from Mac Miller, ScHoolBoy Q, and Issue 54, check out a sneak-peak from the cover story here and the cover of the mag below.

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Mass Appeal Issue 53 Cover shot by 13thWitness
Mac Miller and Schoolboy Q shot by 13thWitness

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