Earl and Sagan get awkward

Inside Cover #52 with Earl Sweatshirt and Sagan Lockhart

We catch up with Earl Sweatshirt and Sagan Lockhart to discuss how the cover shoot for Mass Appeal Issue #52 came about.

We recently met up with Earl Sweatshirt and photographer Sagan Lockhart to discuss their new cover for Mass Appeal, Issue #52. The homeys were in the middle of a short visit to NYC, shacked up in a mostly empty apartment perfect for an indoor skate session. Workaholics’ Blake Anderson unfortunately couldn’t be present, but his presence was definitely felt as the two recounted their experiences while shooting the cover. Watch as Earl and Sagan reveal their new aliases and learn more about Earl’s special relationship with a balloon dog. You can read the full cover story with Earl and Blake here and look out for Issue #52, hitting stands soon!

(If you’re on mobile you can see the full video here)




Earl and Sagan get awkward

Earl and Sagan get awkward

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