stitches brick in yo face

Insane Rapper Stitches is Everything Macklemore is Not

This gun-toting, drug-dealing, 18-year-old's new music video is literally insane.

Meet Stitches, an 18-year-old, gun-toting, blow-dealing, white rapper from the 305.

His music video “Brick In Yo Face” has gone viral on WorldStar, racking up 6 million views in the past six days. The Miami native explains what he’s about EXTREMELY clear over the course of the three minute video. While he’s definitely not the next lyrical wunderkind, you have to admit his energy is undeniable. That AK-47 face tattoo? Sick … literally.

Check out “Brick In Yo Face” in the player above, and if you like what you hear, Stitches mixtape No Snitching Is My Statement is available for download here.

Stiches Brick In Yo Face Music Video
stitches brick in yo face

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  • CridicUno

    holy shit. i wonder if it’s difficult to suck that bad. what a fucking joke.

  • It went Viral???…..No …No It didn’t….Payed Promotion is the why music sucks now…lets not contribute to the bullshitting of hip hop any further


    There’s the link to the youtube video which has 80,000 …a far cry from 6 MILLION…and not one single positive comment….

  • VAZE
  • nick gurs

    Where can we see one of your viral rap videos?

  • Worldstar views aren’t legitimate…. You can reload the screen and it counts as a View… A lot of people use worldstar for that exact reason

  • Stiches=Bitches

    So much terrible in 3 minutes…..

  • Matthew McLaurin

    Lol Jesus Christ!!! The kid isn’t white!!! Fuck is wrong with y’all the kid is Cuban r Columbian r some shit like that! Dumb Fucks!

  • VAZE

    I just clickd on the link refreshed a few times and stayed in the same count. You are wrong.

  • No i’m not…you’re just a little slow….go back to WSHH …any video you choose …now hold COMMAND and R and watch the views go up….I’ll take my apology in writing

  • lolzfest

    damn that white flour though

  • Rudeboy_100x35

    u idiots.. he is not white. he is hispanic.
    loss of journalism credibilty on your end

  • Rudeboy_100x35

    you went out of your way to prove what exactly? is somebody salty, becuz they aint gettin the same attention. lol

  • Rudeboy_100x35

    omg bro. stop hatin. it’s pathetic. if you know how to cheat the views on wshh, then it is an even playing field. go and do the same and stop ur bloodclot cryin. yuh duck!

  • Why would I pay 600-1000 dollars to have my videos posted to gain fake views??? I put money into my craft ….not into the pockets of Q (owner of WSHH)….. Oh and I’m doing just fine… I just don’t stand in line like you

  • Rudeboy_100x35

    Puttin money in the pockets in Q looks like it works cuz the internet is buzzing over this cat.

    And what u mean standing in line?

  • No it’s not “buzzing” this is a small marketing strategy that includes paying to be featured on multiple websites based on fake views…. How don’t you get this….and should we even talk about the song itself?? C’mon…. And I mean you are part of the audience and don’t really have a strong grasp on how all this works…. Aka you’re a viewer and I’m a creator … We have different perspectives

  • crappy black

    literally sounds like every white gangster rapper from the south ever with a ridiculously over aggressive delivery to make up for an apparent lack of melanin. I’ve seen this a million times, I don’t know why they think it works.

  • midcitymike

    waste of life.

  • charlie

    Oh its Teddy- why are you so afraid to admit that this video has gone viral? it clearly has, and it’s a well put together video and song. fair enough if the content offends you though.. but that’s what hip hop is all about.. truth and not giving a fk

  • SMFH

    He’s white hispanic.

  • Anthony
  • nick gurs

    He’s white stupid

  • nick gurs

    Go watch your faggot madea movies

  • nick gurs

    Niggas is too gay these days asap rocky wearing dresses young thug calling he’s homies lovers I will admit this isn’t for everybody but if you don’t like it you probably are a bitch

  • Steph

    Wtf did I just watch

  • joan crawford

    This pathetic waste of oxygen deserve a fucking bullet in the face.

  • Chip

    I have been listening to hip hop since before “Jam On It”. I followed rap from the 80’s into crack cocaine rap of the early 90’s. I bought 36 Chambers the month it came out. Showbiz and A.G. on through to Too $hort to Goodie Mob and Three Six bling bling and hyphy to Screwed Up rap game Riff Raff. I know rap. And this dude is hard as fuck. Too legit. And this song is killer. I love it.

  • Godzilla11

    This dude is a fool. Glorifying being “hard” is what’s wrong with society, and is the most worthless of character traits.

  • Godzilla11

    You’d be a “bitch” for glorifying people who perpetuate negativity and send messages to other ignorants to act like idiots. And a homophobic slur? Nice, classic waste of life.

  • Godzilla11

    This video, like all Hip Hop, is the furthest from “truth”. Corporate controlled and influenced garbage to send messages to impressionable losers to “act out”, therefore keeping control over them and ensuring they stay dumb and/or poverty stricken. Rappers are businessmen who act like “thugs” to keep people dumb and losing in society.

  • jd

    Chip commented on the song, not the character. the dude is wacky, i agree but if u respect real hip hop what so ever, u’d enjoy watching this. i love all the haters in here who are gonna go listen to some billboard top artist sht on their crapy bose sound system. get a pair of 12s, a show and ag album, then come back and post your reply

  • charlie

    wrong Godzilla. I’m sorry for coming off harsh, but you clearly have no clue about hip hop music or hip hop culture. you have probably never even listened to any real hip hop, and if you have.. name it. this video is a bad example, but for you to generalize hip hop as corporate controlled garbage is 100% wrong.
    the problem is, all you have seen is corporate controlled garbage because your too narrow minded and will probably never be able to escape that culture. I’m sorry for you, but hip hop music and culture is real and video’s like this are intended on offending people like you while people who respect the culture laugh and dig the vibes.
    you make a good point about the businessmen rappers though, and I have to agree with you to a certain extent, but please don’t be so foolish to generalise real hip hop with the cooperate controlled bs, especially when you don’t have a clue!
    last, I’m sorry to say, but you sound racist. these “dumb, poverty stricken” mind controlled “thugs” are real people who grow up with a lot of pain and strife that, again, you have no clue about. all you’re doing is throwing out generalized statements about subjects that you’re completely ignorant to, along with the rest of popular society.
    winning in society may be important to you, but it’s nothing to be proud about.

  • Godzilla11

    I know Hip Hop very well, don’t flatter yourself. And no, this doesn’t “offend” me, it makes me laugh, just like all the other “hardass” dumbass rappers who don’t even walk the walk, instead feed the message to others to do it, thus keeping said others dumbed down, controllable, “down and out”. Yes, throw out the “race” card, it’s becoming desensitized due to its over-use and inaccuracies. Poverty stricken is a fact, and areas of poverty tend to listen to and subscribe to the Hip Hop “f*** all” mentality. If you can’t see how much of a losing cycle that is, and how harmful it is to THOSE who buy into it, then I’m sorry for you. “Winning” means living a happy life, something that Hip Hop clearly doesn’t represent via its negative influence. It’s one thing to rap about your struggles and have others who are having a hard time identify and find solace in that. That’s a great thing, that’s art. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about fools playing the part of a “thug”, promoting thug-like behavior, to benefit their own lives while said energy just destroys others’, first and foremost those who buy into it.

  • charlie

    you’re mixing up hip hop with popular culture, which is why i still believe that you do not know real hip hop.
    pop-rap or should i say poop rap is NOT hip hop and your absolutely right with your statements about that popular culture garbage. the funny thing is, society is supporting it!
    many genuine hip hop artists have lived lives in gangs, dealt drugs and done some pretty hard core “thug” shit, but that doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to have a creative side to express themselves.
    that is actually what draws me to the music. hearing real stories about gang life, pain, struggles and successes; packaged with extremely creative beats, rhythms and samples. wouldn’t you agree that this is art?
    i’ll withdraw the racism word from my previous comment, but your statements are very generalized about issues that do not relate to you, and that to me is nearly the same thing..
    CERTAIN areas of poverty subscribe to hip hop while other areas subscribe to country, metal, gospel and other creative forms that they relate to most.
    hip hop did not create gangs, drugs, crime and poverty. Society created these things and hip hop is the artwork behind all of it.

  • NJFL

    Dude your music is fucking garbage. This is garbage too but at least it’s somewhat listenable, you sound like fucking Bill Gates decided to drop rhymes. Stop hating on people who are successful.

  • bitch go play your nintendo

    You dumb fuck its viral on worldstarhiphop go look. Close to 7mil now

  • packinboles

    chek out Greydon Square…intelligence….and rap 🙂
    or Kaye (Kaye One/Adam Radwan as sometimes referred)

  • ced

    That shit go hard as hell

  • Heronious

    i wouldn’t buy blow from that guy

  • Godzilla11

    I can definitely agree with much of that. Some of my favorite music is of rappers, creatively and artistically talking about their struggles and what they’ve gone through. Yes, I’m talking about “poop rap” indeed, which unfortunately is the driving force of the negative energy I speak of and what most people consider all out “Hip Hop” universally. I think talking about gang culture and promoting it are two different things. Gangs have more blood on their hands than those “terrorists” news channels always talk about. Gangs are nothing to be glorified and are the antithesis to “cool”. They are the ultimate loser-cycle, as unfortunately some people grow up in areas where they feel they have no choice but to enter into one, yet the existence of gangs is why so much of the stereotypical Hip Hop demographic feel mistreated or outcasted by society (a vicious cycle via gangs making it their job to wreak havoc and scare people, people having to react and build up defenses to that, then many people who simply love Hip Hop for the style and art getting generalized unfairly). Knowing what gangs have been responsible for, I could never side with or have any respect for someone who glorifies and promotes it or them. However, speaking about your life in gangs, in a way that is biographical and simply honest, indeed, can be art. I just don’t like the glorification and the a$$holes who get rich off that (first and foremost, the corporations).

  • dune

    I respect real hip hop. I do not have a “crapy bose sound system” (I’d spell crappy correctly, anyway). “12s” do not equal credibility. And I can say for certain that Stitches is indeed, a fool. But I think smart people know that already. How’s that for a reply?

  • jd

    dudes wack like I said. but he put together a good track that haters (you) gonna hate on. no point in arguing bout it but Chip was right you are wrong

  • dan

    True. Had a listen. You can’t rap. Sorry.

  • dan

    NJFL is right. You can’t rap at all and your music is boring. At least Stitches is entertaining.

  • dp03

    yeah, you’re awful man. truly, truly awful. no flow at all and very monotone

  • Whatthef$&k?

    What a waste of time and space, will this man “stitch” ever contribute anything positive to society. I doubt it. Who tattoos there face anyways, someone with serious mental or insecurity issues.

  • rogineto

    Everyones crazy, hes obviously not being serious!! hes taking the piss!!











  • m45r4d


  • m45r4d

    are you upset because he speaks the truth? awww.. 🙁

  • m45r4d

    this is bullshittinnnnnnnn musiiiic!

  • blaqflag

    shut uppp

  • Pauly Bemis

    hes a fake anyways…..33 claiming to be 18 lol

  • inkaholic5487

    lol… hes 18. trust me

  • MaximoMambi

    What neighborhood is he from in Miami? I have yet to hear him mention that, all you hear is Miami rapper. I would have been up there I would have to rep mine.

  • StopHating

    He is cuban

  • Matt Thompson

    Stitches is successful?