In Case You Missed It: The Week Of May 19

From Macklemore to Dirty Denim, here are the top stories from this week.

With all the news that hits the Internet each week it’s easy to miss the important stuff. Well, maybe our sense of “important” is a little subjective, but you get the point. For our weekly post roundup #ICYMI (in case you missed it), we recap our favorite stories from the week, ranging from Macklemore’s ill-advised costume choice to the “don’t wash your jeans” proclamation by Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh. Here are some of the stories from this week that deserve your time.


Odd Future team up with director Lije Sarki for a film dedicated to camaraderie through skateboarding.

actabliss 2014 lean alternative codeine cough syrup

With purple punch being pulled from shelves left and right, a couple of companies out West developed THC based alternatives to quench your thirst for the sizzurp.


Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh has proclaimed that you do not need to wash your jeans, and the townspeople are outraged. They end up looking kinda cool though…

digga rhythm roulette

Six Figga Digga tries his hand at Rhythm Roulette.

Shantell Martin Video print

Shantell Martin talks her evolution, process, and inspiration in a new episode of Video Print.

"Spectacle: The Music Video" Exhibition Opening

Young Salmon, aka Rap Game Space Needle, threw on a not-so-flattering-and-oh-so-offensive costume to surprise patrons attending the opening of EMP’s new “Spectacle: The Music Video,” exhibit. The internet didn’t let it rock.

Ice T Body Count Talk Shit Get Shot Video

ICE T and Body Count made their return to the music scene. They’ve got a couple words and shells for all naysayers, trolls, and shit talkers.

Hoover Street Music Video

ScHoolboy Q shares the raw visuals for “Hoover Street,” a gritty tell-all tale of growing up in the West, a seminal cut from Oxymoron.


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