ICYMI April 28

In Case You Missed It: The Week of April 28

From Basquiat to bitch-ass Donald Sterling, here are the top stories from this week.

With all the news that hits the Internet each week, it’s easy to miss the important stuff. Well, maybe our sense of “important” is a little subjective, but you get the point. For our weekly post roundup #ICYMI (in case you missed it), we recap our favorite stories from the week, ranging from social media gangsters to bitch-ass Donald Sterling. Here are some of the stories from this week that deserve your time.

Jay Z Beyonce Kanye West

A California inmate claims Jay Z, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Rihanna are secret spies that have been stealing his rhymes. Due to the nature of their heinous crimes he’s is seeking $2.4 Billion. Watch the throne … get sued.

Erykah Badu Performs In Swaziland And Folks Are Mad

Remember that one time Erykah Badu was like, “Peace and love, y’all”? Well, maybe she didn’t exactly say that. But she did visit the repressive-ass king of Swaziland and perform for his birthday. However, due to the nature of the controversy surrounding her visit, Erykah now claims her trip wasn’t paid. *CObullshitGH* Tyrone didn’t return our calls for comment.

Photo of the Gap Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.

Oh shit! The GAP dropped a new collection that actually doesn’t suck. Here’s a gold star, Glenn K. Murphy.

Social Media Gangster

A new wave of social media gangsters, or as we like to call them: InstaThugs, are terrorizing New York City. In fact, they account for 40% of the city’s shootings. How many likes you gon’ give that? Zero, we hope.

TI and Game image

A nightclub scuffle with the LAPD almost turned real ugly and bloody for The Game and T.I. Luckily, Tip wasn’t there to bring em out. And by “em” we mean guns. Fuck nightclub security, though.

Donald Sterling Not Selling Clippers

Oh man … Donald, Donald, Donald. *Sigh*

Banks Goddess

The mysterious L.A. songstress known as Banks dropped a new track titled “Goddess.” It’s funny because we actually wrote a song about her with the same name…

Lil B 2014 Single Call Me Katy Perry from the Hoop Life Mixtape

Don’t question why Lil B’s new song is called “Katy Perry” just thank him and protect him at all costs. #TaskForce

Jean Michel Basquiat at Acquavella 2014 Exhibit

A new exhibition is hitting New York City featuring never-before-seen artwork from your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper’s favorite artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

ICYMI April 28

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