ICYMI Week of April 21

In Case You Missed It: The Week Of April 21st

In case you missed it, check out some posts from this week that deserve a second look in our weekly post roundup.

With all the news that hits the Internet each week it’s easy to miss the important stuff. Well, maybe our sense of “important” is a little subjective, but you get the point. For our weekly post roundup #ICYMI (in case you missed it), we recap our favorite stories from the week, ranging from Jay Z’s extortion problems to UK stoners finding weed to smoke with drones. Here are some of the stories from this week that deserve your time.

Jay Z Chauncey Mahan Alleged Extortion Case 2014

Find out why Jay Z masters were held hostage by his former engineer.

Edward Cocaine Bars Not Bricks 2014 Arrested for Xanax Possession

It’s a little hard to convince a judge you don’t deal drugs when your name is Mr. Cocaine.

myNYPDSelection 7

After asking Twitter to share their favorite flicks of cops, the NYPD caught a beatdown.


Is Avril Lavigne’s latest music video racist, or does it just suck?

Ski Beatz Making A Beat on Rhythm Roulette

Legendary producer Ski Beatz joins us to take the Rhythm Roulette challenge.

Powdered Alcohol Palcohol Ban

Find out why you won’t be snorting powdered alcohol, at least anytime soon.

Library of Congress Hip Hop

Apparently hip-hop records aren’t “culturally significant” to the Library of Congress.

Irish Gangster Puts A Hit Out On His Would Be Hitman

For Irish gangsters, it’s kill or be killed.

Actavis off the market

Soon you won’t be sippin’ on that sizzurp.

Artist and Director Julian Schnabel Nowness Mini Documentary In TheCourse Of Seven Days

Spend a day in the life of filmmaker and artist Julian Schnabel in a new mini-doc.

Jamie xx releases the full version of "Girl"

UK producer Jamie xx delivers a trippy new video for his hit single “Girl.”

Criminal uses drone to extort cannabis farm owners

There’s no need for a dealer when you have a drone to find weed for you.

ICYMI Week of April 21

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