Ricardo Cortés Schools You on Coffee, Coke & Cola

The man who illustrated Go The Fuck To Sleep tackles the history of three major addictions.

Brooklyn bad ass, artist, historian, writer, designer, publisher and Bill O’Reilly defeater, Ricardo Cortés is back on our radar with a new book, The Secret History of Coffee, Coke & Cola.

Cortés, best known for his marijuana children’s book, It’s Just A Plant, and for illustrating last years rabidly popular Go The Fuck To Sleep, sent us a note via e-mail yesterday explaining his latest opus which is six years in the making.

“I visited Hawaiian coffee fields, a Bolivian coca farm, a cocaine manufacturing facility in New Jersey, and the US National Archives in Maryland to see declassified records of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics,” wrote Cortés, explaining the research that went into the new book which, if you couldn’t tell by the title is about the three C’s: coffee, cocaine and Coca-Cola. It’s currently at a printing press, scheduled for release in December. “I also drew, spoke with The Coca-Cola Company, visited wonderful libraries, and wrote.”

If you can’t wait ’til December, head over to Coffee&Cola.com where you can get a sneak peek of the book, whose praises are being sung and championed by some fine thinkers and journalists. Suave!

See a shot from The Secret History of Coffee, Coke & Cola below.

Ricardo Cortés Cocaine Coffee Coca-Cola History Book

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