Iggy Azalea is Not Little Miss Sunshine in “Murda Bizness”

The new Iggy Azalea video proves that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This weekend, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea dropped the video for her track featuring T.I., “Murda Bizness.” The rather loose narrative of the visual treatment follows a child beauty pageant in which Iggy plays a mother, and T.I. plays a father. The clip intercuts between images of the pageant and of money being counted while she spews on about “Murda Bizness,” which honestly doesn’t mesh at all with the visuals. But neither did the grand finale of Rick James scoring the end of Little Miss Sunshine, but at least it was drop dead funny. Perhaps this vision should’ve stayed in the vault. Check out Iggy Azalea’s “Murda Bizness.”

Iggy Azalea "Murda Bizmess" featuring T.I. Video

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  • DougEFresh

    this nigga TI done fell off, son. first of all, i get the socalled “deep message’ he’s trying to say in the video. yeah, those kiddie fashion shows are nasty. but TI, don’t you see that you look like a dirty uncle in that video? it’s a bad look, especially since your tv show is like a lightskinned man’s version of the cosbee show.

    and iggy, why you truing to sound black?  asap should start rapping in a bad aussie accent. how would people in your neck of the woods feel about that? um humm. exactly.

  • DougEFresh

    BUT, and i must stress BUTTTT, Iggy got a nice back yard. i would like to have a bbq back up in there. i know this sounds ignorant and sexist, but she SEXY.