Dat Oven Icy Lake Documentary

“Icy Lake”: New Short Film Explores a Late ’90s NYC Underground Classic

"I just thought I'd call before I throw myself into the icy lake."

In 1998, Dat Oven released a forward-thinking cult favorite of New York City’s underground house and ballroom scenes of the late 1990s. The track “Icy lake” hits with as much frozen fury as the title suggests and has just been re-released with remixes from L-Vis 1990, Total Freedom and Chicago footwork veteran DJ Rashad. However, you might not know it because every time you Google “Dat Oven” you get hit with the latest offerings from Panasonic’s microwave department rather than the latest from underground dance labels Fade To Mind and Night Slugs.

You can stream clips from the record below, buy the 12″ here, and peep the engrossing short film about the history of the haunting record above.

Dat Oven Icy Lake Documentary

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