Hurley x Monster Children “Team Average”

Hurley x Monster Children “Team Average”

Nothing like bro-ing out with a bunch of skateboard and surf homies in New Zealand to bring out the good vibes. That’s what surf brand Hurley and international surf/skate/photo magazine Monster Children were obviously going for when they gathered up the motley crew comprised of Dylan Rieder, Greyson Fletcher, Ryan Wilson, Jack Fardell, Alex Gray, Chippa Wilson and skate legend Natas Kaupas. The gang hit nature’s waves and some concrete parks and bowls along the way in equally as funky and candid form. The result is a sweet 17-minute short film, Team Average, that captures the journey’s raddest highlights and some introspective dialogue about the spirit and chemistry among the group.

White Dylan Rieder Manual Skatepark Skateboard
Natas Kaupas Skateboarding Skatepark Skate Jump
Bare Foot Pool Coping Pants Skateboarding
Ramp Skateboarding Green Skate
Beach Sand Wetsuit Surfboard Waves Standing
Beach Wave Surf Wetsuit
Cheer Camera Beach Wave Crew Group