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Skate Video of the Week: HUF x Monster Children “Australian For Tour”

Skate Video of the Week: HUF x Monster Children “Australian For Tour”

On the Lord’s day, #OnTheGrind calls out a new skate edit that slapped us out of our boredom during the work week and reminded us why we were born to roll, and we share it with you. 

The “land down under” is no stranger to skateboarding. In fact, one could say that it’s actually one of the best places in the world to travel to and skate. Jake Duncombe and his bromies certainly know for sure.

Being no strangers to the wanderlust misadventures of friends and shredding, HUF and Australian publication Monster Children saw the opportunity and carpe’d the diem. The result is the “Australian For Tour” featuring the likes of riders Austyn Gillette, Josh Matthews, Joey Pepper, Peter Ramondetta, Dylan Rieder, Kevin Terpening, and special guest Sammy Winter.

Good music, great skaters, and amazing locations all shot in a manner that most captures the vibes of the trip without any of us actually having been there.

Boys with scuba gear in Australia
Boys with scuba gear in beach in Australia

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