How To Survive The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYC 2013 Model Apocalypse

New Yok City braces itself as models invade for Fall Fashion Week 2013. Here's what to do!

Models NYC Fashion Week 2013

Brace yourselves New Yorkers, it’s that time of year again; Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The streets of NYC are about to be flooded with models. If you’re not familiar with Fashion Week, it is a semi-annual industry event held at Lincoln Center which allows designers, brands, or “houses” of fashion to display their latest collections (examples: Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe, Proenza Schouler). The clothes are demonstrated through a series of runway shows, private events, and parties. Press and celebrities flock to Fashion Week, as it is their guideline on what is “in” and “out” for the new season ahead.

Burberry Spring Summer 2012 Womenswear Show - Front Row And Backstage

If you are new to New York or Fashion Week, here is what you can expect:

Models On Every Corner (Especially in SoHo)

Models wait outside during a walkthrough before the Edun Spring 2011 collection show during New York Fashion Week

If you are looking to catch a glimpse of your favorite model, SoHo is the place to go. At any given moment during this week, there will be at least 50 models just in SoHo. This goes for both male and female. You’ll recognize these characters because whoever you are with is staring at them and not listening to you.

Get out there this week, who knows, maybe you’ll even see her:

Emily Ratajkowski from Blurred Lines

No Available Taxis (at all, whatsoever)

Woman getting an NYC taxi

With Fashion Week in town, there will be absolutely no shot of this type of transportation. Take the subway, or walk. Remember, if you walk, you might see models. If you absolutely need a ride somewhere, download the Uber app.

Exclusive Shows

Vera Wang - Front Row - Fall 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - Anna Wintour

It’s so amusing to me when people talk about going to shows as if everyone can go. That is so NOT the case. You can only attend a runway show if you were invited, and you can only be invited if you are involved in fashion or press, know someone involved in fashion or press, or if you’re a celebrity.  If none of those relate to you, do not fret! All runway shows in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week are streamed live on the official website.

Regardless of whether or not you will be attending, here is the 2013 schedule of shows.

Fashion Plate Prix Fixe

Heidi Klum Burger pose with Carl's JR

I know what you’re thinking. Eating and fashion? Those don’t mix. However, for those that do decide to fill their essential need and instinct for food, here are some Fashion Week deals.

Not Getting Into Your Usual Spot

Demi Lovato on X Factor gif

Of course we know you’re the man (or wo-man), but when Fashion Week rolls around, all bets are off. In order to get into a club in NYC during fashion week, you must meet model criteria. Essentially, if you’re not over 6 feet, go home.

Why, you may ask? Because this is probably what is going on inside:

Kate Upton Cat Daddy gif

And these are the people watching:

Fashion Week Male Celebrities

The Standard Hotel

The Standard Hotel High Line

Owned and operated by hotelier Andre Balazs, the Standard Hotel is home to clubs like Le Bain and the Boom Boom Room, and even has it’s very own biergarten. This hotspot is a very common hangout for models during Fashion Week. Not only is it a fun place to drink and chat, but it’s close to Miley Cyrus’s favorite club, The Darby. Okay it may not be her favorite, but I did see her there once last summer.

A Major Closing Event

Fashion Week Closing Event

Everyone in fashion will be beyond relieved to be done with this crazy week. What is there to do when it’s over but celebrate? Hit up the Fashion For Charity closing party on September 9th at the Highline Ballroom. With music featured by Sak Noel of Loca People, you can dance the night away with hot models and endless bottles. Diddy will most likely be there. Don’t quote me.

For the rest of the closing events, go to this website.

Don’t Forget To Embrace Your Beauty

30 Rock  Jenna Maroney Gif

With all these models around, don’t forget to continue to love yourself. Don’t let getting uncharacteristically rejected from your favorite place make you think that you lost it. You still got it! And don’t compare yourself to the models. They aren’t human. Seriously. I’m convinced models are aliens.

Models looking like aliens

And for all updates on NYC Fashion Week, just follow @mbfashionweek on Instagram.

Lindsey will not be covering fashion week on her social media, but will be eating a lot instead. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram –> @lindzmetz , HOLLA!

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