How To Build A Flying DeLoreon, this video shows you.

How To Build A Flying DeLoreon

You might be fly in your Nike Air MAG kicks, but the builder of this model DeLoreon is sky high. Lift off!

When Nike released the Air MAG sneakers on September 8th, 2011, fantasy became reality. Also, hell broke loose with eBay auction prices soaring into the tens of thousands. Imagine the same in 2015 if flying models of DeLoreons are mass produced. One industrious person took to the hobby shop and made it happen last year. Now there’s a video documenting his process through a slide show. It’s not the most descriptive outside of the blurb that says, “I have many people ask how to build a flying DeLorean. This video is especially for those people.” We’re thankful for his brevity so we can be amazed by the engineering.

Already we’ve got Air Hogs and the Hot Wheels Video Racer. So commercial brands have started to think about “the future” (Doc Brown voice). Could the companies with deep pockets be knocking on the door of native118 to buy the patent? Hopefully so. But maybe a flying version of the modified DeLoreon DMC-12 isn’t in your plans; instead the it’s the self-lacing Air MAG, due in three years. Take some time to decide. Get your money up first though!

How To Build A Flying DeLoreon, this video shows you.

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