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How Pushing Saved A Homeless South African Skate Rat

How Pushing Saved A Homeless South African Skate Rat

Few stories on this earth are as compelling as the ones about underdogs. You know, subjects that, against all odds and pretenses, somehow still manage to let their light burn through the opposition and land somewhere better. Something about the universality of challenges, especially among the international community, really drives the inevitable point home – that we are all connected. Take the story of Thalente Biyela for example, parent-less and homeless since the age of 11, the young South African’s passion for skateboarding resonated so much with the people around him that it earned him travel to the United States, educational tutelage and a director who’s decided to make an amazing film about it all.

Team Thalente along with the help of sponsoring brands like LRG still need your support however to help complete the project. You can do so by pledging to their Seed&Spark page and help them reach their goal of $55K before the fundraiser is over.

In the mean time check out the trailer and help spread the word about Thalente’s talent.

Thalente Biyela Black White Sitting Skateboard

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