How Not to Suck on Instagram: A Very Short Film

Filmmaker Casey Neistat thinks you're doing it wrong and he just might be right.

Filmmaker Casey Neistat hangs out with people like Gisele Bündchen, does videos for Nike and is a huge fan of Instagram and Justin Bieber. The only problem is that when Bieber’s not blowin’ chunks on stage he’s stinkin’ it up with grainy self-portraits on Instagram while guys like Rick Ross kill it with images of his Kalashnikov-carrying Nigerian security detail and Rolex hand tattoos. In an effort to help us all step up our game Neistat produced this short film with his tips on how not to be a bore on Instagram. Do you agree with his pointers? Leave a comment below and let us know if he’s on point or off base.

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  • pancakes

    too bad there wasn’t a rule against tweegramming.

  • Timmhotep