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Hoverboards Are Now A Real Thing

Hoverboards Are Now A Real Thing


Not sure what in the Marty McFly is going on at HUVr Tech but Tony Hawk, ScHoolboy Q, Moby and a few other celebs recently joined Christopher Lloyd, aka “Back To The Future’s” Emmett “Doc” Brown, for the unveiling of the real-deal hoverboard – or so they claim.

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble here, but speaking strictly from the perspective of four-wheeled skateboard physics, the tomfoolery going on here is very questionable. But who is Rat Lord to dampen anyone’s belief in technology or the new age of epic advertising trollage? No worries, I’ll wait and let you be the judge. Click play on the video above to watch the hoverboards in action.


It turns out that we were correct: hoverboards are fake! There’s an entire video featuring Christopher Lloyd admitting that he was “duped” too, by the folks over at Funny Or Die. Check it out below.

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