Hotboy HERT’s New Project is Bloody Amazing

He doesn't quit.

Carnage NYC announces the release of a unique screen print series by artist HERT made with digital mediums and his own blood.


Photo by photographer “laughing spinning dancing” NYC 2011.

Carnage provided the following description about the project:

In September of 2010, Ian de Beer, aka HERT, was sentenced to 1-3 years in state penitentiary for graffiti. Regarded by many of his peers as one of the most talented young artists emerging on the East Coast, he now faced severe restrictions. After a year in prison he was moved first to a half-way house and is currently still confined to his hometown in Western New York State. His artistic interests have broadened considerably in recent years, but de Beer’s transition to a professional art career is facing serious hurdles: Under the condition of his parole, de Beer is not allowed to use a wide variety of art materials, including paint and any type of marker or pen, even to create works on paper or canvas. – Carnage NYC

With an obvious need to create art, HERT has pushed it to anther level, yet again, using digital imagery manipulation and a screen printer. While there are variety of underlying metaphorical message behind the series, including HERT’s view on the American judicial system, one thing is clear: HERT’s presence is very real and he will not let his legal issues suffocate his work. The two-color screenprint and blood on heavy watercolor paper is available via on Tuesday, July 22 at noon ET.


Check out our feature on HERT from Mass Appeal Issue 53, in which he describes his experiences with the judicial system.


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