Hot Sugar “Leverage” ft. KOOL AD, Fat Tony, Lakutis & Nasty Nigel

Producer Hot Sugar delivers a lesson in strange the video for his track 'Leverage', featuring rappers, KOOL AD, Fat Tony, Lakutis & Nasty Nigel.

Producer Hot Sugar delivers a lesson in strange, one I can say with confidence no one else in music is doing. Heavy doses of distortion are paired with drowsy lyrics, compliments of New York’s finest, in the video for “Leverage.” Being scared into a head bob daze has never been this much fun.

Imagine a melting carnival. Colorful bits of plastic twist and bubble as the shiny faced grins of carnival prize clowns droop and contort. That’s pretty much what it feels like when you listen to Hot Sugar’s music. On the producer’s latest creation, “Leverage,” an empty tin can smacking up against a rusted metal gate forms the beat for this disfigured adventure-land. Fun house mirrors contract as creaky organ sounds stab through the silence. The tattered sign above has come unhinged and blares eerily in the form of distorted bass, as gobs of hi-hats and synth drip to the ground. The gaps between breaths are reserved for the rhymes of carnival goers, Kool A.D., Nasty Nigel, Latikus and Fat Tony, whose styles range from choppy and sing-songy to monotone and slurred.

Get Hot Sugar’s album, Midi Murder from his Bandcamp.

Hot Sugar Leverage music video

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