Horrible Boss at Skateshop Harasses Employees

Complaints filed against a skateshop owner for his crude, and unfair behavior.


It’s a bad case of a horrible boss, but worse than the movie where Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell play superiors from hell. The employees at a skateshop in Santa Ana, California have filed a complaint against Matt Fontana, the VP of Global Brands and One Distribution Co., for the intolerable conditions in their workplace. The employees felt like they were wronged for being subjected to second-hand marijuana smoke, and having their jobs threatened for speaking up about “crude and questionably pornographic material,” says OC Weekly. The news outlet continues to say,

“Fontana subjected the female employees at One Distribution to greater scrutiny, stricter standards and treated them less favorably than similarly situated males,” reads the complaint. “Fontana compelled employees to ‘pose’ for sexually prurient prospective ads and to engage in work with inappropriate sexual content, advertising crude and questionable pornographic sexual material when the customer market for their work product is children (specifically boys) from the ages of 11 to 17 (primarily skating and skateboard apparel).”

Reports of Fontana’s behavior are still being documented with more witnesses coming forward. However, even when Fontana’s string of behavior was reported to their human resources department, their cry for help fell on deaf ears. Now that complaints have been filed on the books, they’re seeking justice against Fontana.

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OC Weekly

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