Death is Home - Horfe Documentary

Horfe Graffiti Documented in Death is Home

The walls in Paris speak the free-thinking philosophy of graffiti writer, Horfe in a new documentary by Will Robson-Scott and Vans OTW.

Apparently, people don’t read anymore. So we’ll keep this short. If no one is reading the books on things like philosophy, the only thing hand drawn expression left is graffiti. Horfe’s graffiti is heavy in the streets of Paris, look him up sometime. Horfe’s beliefs on the world’s mechanical way of living life is put into perspective with his lone wolf style of bombing (freely) in Paris, France. According to documentary’s description by the filmmaker Will Robson-Scott, it says:

“For the past 10 years, Horfe has dedicated his life to getting his name up in Paris. Through this public development on the streets of his hometown, a unique talent has evolved and developed to the point where his work is considered to be the most interesting, innovating and original graffiti on the planet at the moment. He is now spending an equal amount of time developing his artwork and creating new work for his upcoming shows in London and Paris.”

Horfe spoke recently about Death Is Home in an interview you can read here.

Death is Home - Horfe Documentary

Death is Home - Horfe Documentary

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