NYPD Evicts Manhattan Bridge Squatter

NYPD Evicts Manhattan Bridge Squatter

Earlier this week, the story of a homeless Chinese immigrant named “Joe” living in the Manhattan Bridge appeared in the New York Post. This publicity has now led to the NYPD forcibly removing Joe from a makeshift home he built into the bridge’s structure. Police sawed through the wooden floor of his shelter and discovered Joe chilling in his pajamas. “It was like the magic trick where they cut you in two,” officers joked, but pointed out that “No one got hurt.”

Police were surprised to find that the “loft” was thoroughly insulated with styrofoam, and contained such necessities as a butane cooking stove, shelves full of kitchen supplies, and a couple cans of Bud Light. Joe will have to find a new home for these few worldly possessions, but it’s not the first time the police have sent him packing. “Five times they take down. Five times!” Joe said, a few days before being removed from his sixth home.