Homeboy Sandman “Fat Belly”

Health raps supreme.

Homeboy Sandman drops some serious food knowledge on you suckas – the likes of which haven’t been heard since Q-Tip & Phife Dawg went back and forth on “Ham N’ Eggs” – in his new music video for “Fat Belly.” The track serves as the second single from his Stones Throw release White Sands.

Homeboy invites viewers into the ultimate cookout, with friends kids and all munching along while he runs through lyrics like “If you ain’t eating no falafel you mental fam / That’s like tryna eat pussy with a dental dam.”

Check out the video in the player above and look out for Homeboy Sandman as he’s set to tour through America in the month of June.

Still photo from Homeboy Sandman's "Fat Belly" video.
Photo of Homeboy Sandman, who recently dropped a video for "Fat Belly."

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