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Hit-Boy’s “Jay-Z Interview” Video

Hit-Boy’s “Jay-Z Interview” Video

Hit Boy released his video “Jay-Z Interview,” a title that will get the attention of any hip-hop connoisseur. Why? Jay rarely speaks to the press unless it’s an event. This one is the birth of Hit-Boy’s rap career. See, Jigga’s got other seedlings he’s planted aside from the one sprouted from the womb of Beyoncé. Hit-Boy is actually his other golden child, now setting course on his rap career after shadowing Jay-Z as a producer for such hits like “N****s In Paris” and A$AP Rocky’s “Goldie.”

In “Jay-Z Interview,” directed by Jalani Fresh you’ll see Hit-Boy being introduced to the world by Jay-Z through a collage of random clips of his travels overseas. Comparing Hit Boy to Kanye West is an unavoidable comparison, given his transition from beatmaker to MC through the Roc-A-Fella camp. Plus his debut has notes of “Through the Wire.” That video was about crowning the next rap royalty. Years later, now we’re watching The Throne do it again.

Hit-Boy – Jay-Z Interview

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