Hirotaka Osawa Glasses

Hirotaka Osawa’s Glasses Give a Fuck Even If You Don’t

All eyez on you.

Engineer and professor Dr. Hirotaka Osawa has the perfect solution for hiding your disdain for your co-workers and letting you sleep through a boring meeting. Osawa has a designed a product called Agency Glass, a pair of glasses that displays animated eyes on OLED screens. This wearable robotic device utilizes a camera with motion and face-detection systems which allow the virtual eyes to follow and make contact with people nearby, even if the wearer happens to be taking a nap.

By keeping up the appearance of making friendly eye-contact with everyone around you, Agency Glass is made to extend the social skills of the wearer. The glasses are also intended to reduce “emotional labor,” the forced politeness and friendliness necessary in a job, which can be stressful to maintain. Osawa’s hope is that “Technology can free humans from such emotional restrictions.”

Hirotaka Osawa Glasses

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