Hipster Rogers Cartoon

Hipster Rogers Goes From “WBRG2BSHWK” in Animated Video

What if the term “hipster” wasn’t a pejorative used to describe the denizens of “cool” urban enclaves like Williamsburg Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Lower East Side. What if those who bear the cross of being too cool for school, ironic, or artisan actually reappropriated “hipster” and made it a term of endearment? This is the world of animated rapper and man of leisure Hipster Rogers.

More than just a funny cartoon character “Hipster Rogers” is mixed media art project by creator Hectah that includes an original,  graphic novel and animated videos (the first of which is in the player above.) Can you spot all of the zombie counterparts to New York’s scenesters, movers and shakers in the clip?

Read what Hectah has to say about the project below and download the accompanying music at the Hipster Rogers site.

Hipster Rogers
Hipster Rogers is an independent musical and visual project. Comprising of a graphic novel, a complete soundtrack, and animated videos. The week of February 17th, 2013 an Animated Music Video, as well as 2 Lyric Videos will officially launch the Hipster Rogers Project via Mass Appeal’s youtube channel. As the project progresses, be on the lookout for 5 more animated videos leading up to the release of a graphic novel in July 2013. Additionally, in May 2013, there will be an Art Event consisting of multimedia, live performances, as well as a variety of other works- some inspired by the graphic novel, some behind the scenes, and some original production art from videos and the graphic novel.

Hipster Rogers The Graphic Novel
The Graphic Novel chronicles Hipster Rogers, a young stoner who struggles with his tumultuous, jobless, bohemian life. Trying to escape the absurd and often ugly side of finding your way in New York City, he takes refuge in his hallucinogenics, party drugs, bike, music, and art. Mirroring the graphic novel, the music follows the main character through his day to day life. The soundtrack is a composition of multiple styles and genres but still very much deeply rooted in Hip Hop. It will be available FOR FREE, no purchase or emails required.


Hipster Rogers Cartoon

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