Hipster Rogers Diggin You

Hipster Rogers “Diggin You”

Hipster Rogers channels his Patrick Swayze in this amazing, almost NSFW treat.

As cuffing season (winter) approaches in the Big Apple, leave it to nostalgic lovers like Hipster Rogers to bang out a tune to warm the honeys to. This time around our animated Bushwick-based protagonist channels the spirit (um, Ghost) of Patrick Swayze, the man he credits with teaching him all of his casanova skills. “Diggin You” is an autotune-laden piece of comedic genius, real talk. It’s catchy as all hell and the video (illustrated and digitally animated by Hectah) features more cameos than you can throw a fixed-wheel bicycle at. It also gets super steamy and damn near NSFW.

Hipster Rogers Diggin You Audience Singing

Hipster Rogers Diggin You Purple Whoopi Goldberg Ghost

Hipster Rogers Diggin You Patrick Swayze Poster Kanye Wire Shot

Hipster Rogers Diggin You

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