Hilarious Arabic Billboard In Michigan Perfectly Trolls Donald Trump

"Donald Trump can’t read this but it still scares him."

Photo: Facebook

Using white Arabic script on a solid black background, the billboard smartly lampoons Donald Trump’s irrational fearmongering of Islam. It’s located in Dearborn, a city in Michigan where 30 percent of residents identify as Muslim. It’s part of a new campaign by The Nuisance Committee, a non-party-affiliated PAC set up by the folks behind Cards Against Humanity,  a self-described “party game for horrible people.”

While The Nuisance Committee’s own website is still empty, the corner of the billboard sports the URL TrumpIsScared.org, a site which provides a handy overview of Trump’s views on muslim immigrants, which are as clueless as they are deplorable.

The billboard actually follows a previous campaign, in which they strikingly depicted The Donald as the most notoriously annoying type of player you’ll run into playing co-op shooter Overwatch. A type of player which, not coincidentally, shares many of the less desirable character traits (racism, verbal abuse, ridiculous excuses) the ol’ blowhard is known for.

You can keep on eye on The Nuisance Committee’s activities on their Facebook page.


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