High Fashion at the Bay Area Cannabis Cup 2013

The best way to sum up San Francisco's High Times Cannabis Cup isn't to report about hte latest technological advancements, but to share the awesome fashion choices of this year's attendees.


The 4th annual HIGH TIMES San Francisco Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup was held this past weekend in Richmond, California. And boy, was it a sight for Visine-deficient eyes. Going in, I hadn’t made up my mind about what I was going to write about, but after a quick scan of the conference hall I knew that the best way to sum up the experience wasn’t to report about the latest technological advancements with “flower” potency tests or legalization politics, but to share the awesome fashion choices of the attendees. Here’s a quick run-down of some of my favorites.

Mom and Pop apparel companies hawking weed-related tees accounted for the most amount of booths at the conference. This is the best bastardization of the British “Keep Calm and….” propaganda series I’ve seen. From One Game At A Time apparel company, based in Detroit.


These dudes from San Diego kinda ruled. From left to right. Left dude: Neff shirt and sunglasses, Vestal watch, Matix jeans, Vans sneakers. Middle Man: “I borrowed my hat from him (points to the left.) I bought this bootleg shirt at an A’s game for 10 bucks. My shoes are generic.” Right dude needs no explanation.


This guy inherited this pit from a former roommate who “tried to sell him in exchange for drug money. I kicked him out and kept his dog.” As if this couple couldn’t be any more amazing, the pup’s weed wreath seals the deal to make this my fav pic of the bunch.


Jackie is a board member and the head baker for the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Santa Cruz, California. They were the first openly operating cannabis collective in the country. They’re a collective of caregivers who offer medical marijuana on a donation basis to needy patients, many of whom either can’t travel to obtain their medicine or can’t afford it.


I found this bonus deep cut from their blog of a marijuana butterleaf flour recipe by an older lady named “Marijuana Nonna,” who has been “cooking Italian dishes for over 70 years.” Coolest Grandma Award goes to her.

Jackie proudly sports the trucker hat for her softball team, The Hybrids, who won their first game of the season last weekend. GO HYBRIDS.


Tristyn’s been working with The Green Doctors for six months. The most popular booth by far was the medical tent area where patients could be seen privately by a doctor and be prescribed a medicinal marijuana card, good for one year, for $40, which is a steal because they normally cost at least $100. Making their staff wear green scrubs earned them a mention – because that’s just silly.


This stunner is Estelle Toby Goldstein MD, who has been practicing medicine for over 30 years. She makes house calls all over the Bay Area for medicinal cannabis recommendations. She poo-pooed the fast-food type license that The Green Doctor issues stating that when you make an appointment with her, she sits down with you for a good hour to hear about whatever problems you have and not only issues you a license but also recommends specific strains that will help alleviate your issues. Lately, women have been calling her to host get-togethers, like those old school Tupperware parties old people used to tell you about, where a bunch of girlfriends would come over to someone’s living room and buy Tupperware together (so weird) but instead, Dr. Goldstein will come over and diagnose you and all your friends (so cool).


These dudes represent Stank Boyz Seeds, a marijuana seed mail-order company. I asked them if I could learn more about their company by googling and they said yes but I couldn’t find anything more than a few YouTube grow vids so they gets no love.


This cutie with the peplum skirt is from Some Girls Get High. I’ve been telling rappers and labels for years to get their merch right and make sure they have something to sell to the female demo so I was juiced to come across this booth.





Promo girlies with the Huf socks.


Ya mans Robbie has been growing his dreads for 17 years. He’s planning on going to four Cannabis Cups this year, including the main event that’s held annually in Amsterdam over Thanksgiving weekend.


Michael Aldrich, PhD. aka “Old Fart.” (his words, not mine because honestly, I’d refer to him as a “Don.”) He started the first student group to legalize marijuana in 1966 in Buffalo, New York and he is the author of the first doctoral dissertation on cannabis in the country. Dr. Aldrich and his wife Michelle have worked in the marijuana legalization movement for more than 40 years together. And yes, that’s a pack of Swishers in his shirt pocket.


What surprised me the most about the Cup was the diversity of the attendees. There were extra wide wale corduroy-wearing hippie types and occasional crusties but there were a lot of hip hop heads and Dead heads, a fair amount of women, and a fair amount of gray-hairs of all ethnicities. It was rad to witness a gathering of activists, enthusiasts, scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs, experts, and curious-types coming together in such a mellow and posi environment. I didn’t see anyone act like a jackass nor did I see one cop on the premise. Thanks for the good times, HIGH TIMES.

Words and photos by Michelle McDevitt

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