Hey, You’re Cool!: Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish talks finding internet stardom and creating her art

Creating art is a bit of a random process. Inspiration comes at random, and the outcome is often different from what the artist intended. The ability to hone that randomness, to draw inspiration from one’s self and surroundings, and to produce work, is the gift artists are blessed with.

A true multimedia artist who paints, designs and writes poetry, Kilo Kish’s brush with music was just as random as the creative process itself. Kish made her way to New York from Florida to study fine arts, a 2011 graduate of FIT majoring in textile design, music was never in the plan.

“A lot of people think it’s a gimmick, but it’s not a gimmick it’s just my personality. I just want to make stuff. That’s just all I want to do. So its like any music that I make is experimental . . . like my art.”

kilo-kish-floor paint

Kish is just now starting to become comfortable calling herself a musician. But with co-signs from some familiar up and comers including ASAP mob and Odd Future she had to get comfortable pretty quick since those influencers thrust right into the heart of internet stardom.

“The Internet age is so fickle, they like you one day and the next day you’re like old news. So I was kind of like well this is going to be my art project for now, I’m about to graduate school and I want to continue to try different things, and this is one of the things I’m trying.”

She first got behind the mic while living with her now manager and ASAP Mob DJ, J. Scott as well as friend/rapper Smash Simmons. The 22-year-old rising sensation lent her voice to a track and the rest is almost like a music fairy tale.

 Matt from The Internet, the production duo affiliated with Odd Future, heard Kish on a few tracks while visiting her roommates Simmons and J. Scott. After hearing her naturally airy voice he sent Kish a few tracks to play around on and that became Kish’s first EP Home School.

Despite being quickly embraced in the online world Kish says it all didn’t really click for her until things went offline.“[W]hen I started performing it made it a little more real. The Internet is so not a real place. So when it comes into real life or it’s something I can actually touch or see or someone can actually talk to me about my stuff, that’s when it becomes real– not like an Internet world weird dream.”

kilo-kish-paints with friend

This latest random act of artistry might just turn into her long-term masterpiece. Her internet art project has jumped out of people’s computer speakers and on to stages, she’s toured with the Internet, and is gearing up to tour with them again, this time in Europe this March. But still, staying true to her roots as a creative Kilo Kish says at the end of the day, she just likes to make stuff.

“As long as I get to be creative and work, because I love working–as long as I can work hard and be able to do things and make things I’m happy regardless, so if its music that allows me to do that then I’ll do that, if its design that allows me to do that I’ll do that.”


Kilo Kish’s k+ is an audio/visual project featuring Flatbush Zombies, A$AP Ferg, SBTRKT, Earl Sweatshirt, the Internet, Childish Gambino,  CRONOS, Star Slinger, Vince Staples, and Joe McCaffrey. Kish will unveil k+ as a group art show on Feb. 1 at Los Kabayitos Theater in New York.

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