The $14,000 Hermès Baseball Glove

The $14,000 Hermès Baseball Glove

The French just ****ed America’s favorite past time. The luxurious Hermès, known for making tons of shit you can’t buy and some of the most pristine clothing fashion has to offer has produced a baseball glove that’ll burn a $14,000 hole in your pocket (before taxes).

This mitt is fabricated with gold swift calfskin that takes 25 hours to hand-stitch, I sincerely pray that these poor little calves were victims of holy sacrifice and nothing less. But this little number brings some serious thoughts to mind.  Since when do the French play baseball? Can you name any French ballers in the MLB without a Google search? Furthermore, the glove is only available for right-handed billionaires. Oh so lefties don’t have 14k to flex?

If you REALLY want to impress your Sunday beer league teammates, forget that new car, don’t even think about paying your bills for about 6 months and swag it out to the max. However, if you do have $14,000 to spend on a baseball glove you can purchase it here.

Photo of the Hermès Homerun baseball glove, which is selling for $14,000.


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