Here Comes the Boom: Berlin Redesigns Radio

Here Comes the Boom: Berlin Redesigns Radio

Anyone who’s carried a boombox around (*cough* Ninjasonik) for an extended period of time, knows the hardship of lugging it around. Thank Studio Axel Pfaender for lightening the load with the Berlin Boombox. His prototype is made out of cardboard, two speakers, and an aluminum knob. It’s design-forward in recreating all the features you come to love from a traditional “ghetto blaster.” Historically, the Berlin Boombox is a nod to the cardboard breakdancers once used to dance on, back when they had the streets popping (and locking). Getting the invention into production is going to take 14K according to its Kickstarter campaign. In case the cardboard was consciously done to pay tribute to breakdancing, hopefully one made of linoleum is next.

Technabob via Oh Gizmo