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Hear the Tupac Convo From ’95 That Has Everybody Talking

Hear the Tupac Convo From ’95 That Has Everybody Talking

A never-before-heard conversation between Tupac and his good friend Sanyika Shakur, aka Monster Kody, has found its way to the Internet.

Shortly after Pac was released from Clinton Correctional Facility in 1995 on rape charges, he hopped on the phone with Sanyika Shakur, who is ironically not related to Tupac. Without his knowledge, Sanyika’s wife pressed record on the answering machine and captured the revealing conversation.

The two discuss life in prison, how Pac was treated poorly while incarcerated, Chicago gangs, how the rape case and the ’94 shooting were connected, and how he planned to sit down with Maya Angelou to do his autobiography. Due to Pac’s untimely death they never got do it, but it definitely stands out in the conversation considering Maya Angelou’s recent passing. It sucks that it never happened. That would’ve been a great read from two revolutionary people.

The conversation reveals a more genuine side of Tupac. He was an ambitious guy who had plans to help the world.



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