Haze x Hurley PacSun SoHo Recap

Graffiti and design legend, Haze, visits SoHo for an in-store mural and live painting session.


Folks who don’t really know their skate, surf, graffiti and design history, might find something like a Haze x Hurley collaboration strange. But that’s okay, that’s just ignorance. The truth is that you’d be hard pressed to find another New York City graffiti artist and graphic design legend who’s also accumulated the impressive West Coast rap sheet that Haze has. In all actuality, having him place his mark on a California-based surf brand like Hurley is as natural as it was for triple-OG Craig Stecyk to ride his skateboard in the Big Apple in 1968–it was less about where they were from and more about what they were pioneering. And that’s why both artists were in the city this past week for a special Haze x Hurley night at the PacSun pop-up shop in SoHo.

The night was a celebration for the New York City edition of the Haze x Hurley capsule collection. Legendary DJ and producer, Pete Rock, was on the set while Haze and Craig Stecyk’s printing team were on the scene for some live surfboard artwork and t-shirt screening.

Mass Appeal was able to catch up with the man of the hour himself and get a few words about the collaboration and the deep-rooted California street wear history connected to him.

I put in a lot of years out in the trenches in the golden years of street wear in Cali and when [Hurley] reached out to me it was exciting to sort of get back to where it all started. I think New York and the world is ready for some East Coast, West Coast fusion again so we’re trying to set [that] off. This is the tip of the iceberg. This is just a New York capsule that we’re dropping first. We got a lot of high tech stuff and a full blown out collection in the pipeline for next year.















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