Harmony Korine Shooters Show at The Gagosian 2014

Harmony Korine Spends His Spring Break at the Gagosian Gallery

Harmony's Hues

Harmony Korine might not be behind the new Spring Breakers sequel, but he’s still got something to quench your visual desires. Beginning May 12, the Park Avenue Gagosian Gallery will play host to Korine’s “Shooters” displaying a collection of paintings and photographs by the director.

Harmony Korine Starburst Painting 2014 Gagosian

Under the label of “mistakism,” Korine has created a number of “Starburst” paintings, using household and everyday items like old house paint, brooms, squeegees, and masking tape to create explosions of color and hue that evoke a feeling of ascension, or just being high as fuck.

In addition to his previously mentioned “Starburst” series, Korine will also have his “Loop” series and a batch of painted and repainted photographs on display as well.

Harmony Korine Blue Checker Show 2014

Korine’s “Shooters” will be on display at the Park Avenue Gagosian gallery from May 12 to June 21 in NYC.

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Harmony Korine Shooters Show at The Gagosian 2014

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