Hard in the Paint: Super Fan Michael Hopson

Rooting for the home team never looked or sounded like Super Fan Michael Hopson. Go hard or go home.

The Indiana Pacers burned the Los Angeles Clippers this week (the NY Knicks also lit them up over the weekend); Peyton Manning announced he’s headed to the Broncos; quite the week for Indiana fans. Know who’s not sweating these peaks and valleys of the midwest’s great franchises? Michael Hopson, the Super Fan. Whether they win or lose, Hopson is keeping the wind in the sails of Indiana fans because that’s just what he does best.

It’s a job Michael Hopson does with pride. He wears outfits so loud you can pick him out of a stadium of thousands. Earlier this season, the NBA checked in with him during half-time at a Pacers home game. The commentators were floored at his robe and headdress which were wildly decorated in Pacers memorabilia. Look deeper though, he had adopted the styles made famous by Afrika Bamaattaa and George Clinton for the sports world. Hopson keeps it funky, fresh and fly. Even his talk is slicker than Dr. Funkenstein. His rise to fame was briefly documented, but could use the Hollywood treatment. Hey Hackman, holler at a Hopson for a Hoosiers sequel.

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