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Happy Kanye is the New Sad Kanye

Happy Kanye is the New Sad Kanye

When a picture surfaced of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian zip-lining on vacation the Internet went crazy, because Kanye’s forlorn face made everyone worry about Sad Kanye.

But a new picture has surfaced, and it shows a much different side of the man we call Ye. A Kanye that almost no one has ever seen before. A Kanye, that for all of our sakes, we hope stays around for a little while.

Everyone meet Happy Kanye:

Kanye West ziplining with a smile on his face.


Happy Kanye enjoys ice cream on a summer day. He likes to listen to up-and-coming rappers outside of his apartment. And most of all, he fucking loves zip-lining. Here are some other cool activities that Happy Kanye partakes in.

Happy Kanye wants to save New York City from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Kanye West sliding down Ghostbusters pole


Oh shit, look at Happy Kanye dropping the Yeezus elbow on The Undertaker.

Kanye West giving the people's elbow


Happy Kanye joins Indiana Jones on whip patrol.

Kanye and Indiana Jones


Happy Kanye and Miley Cyrus are out here wrecking balls.

Kanye and Miley Cyrus wrecking ball


Happy Kanye is not afraid to take a hand from Sly Stallone.

Kanye west with Stallone


Happy Kanye is in touch with his inner child.

Kanye West swinging from a tree

Don’t ever think Ye doesn’t smile, people.

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