Halloween 2012’s Spookiest Music Videos (So Far)

halloween's spookiest music videos

When  it comes to Halloween’s spookiest music videos know that there will be blood. A Lot of fake blood. Splattered on walls, dripping down fangs and from axes chainsaws and knives. Since artists are using Halloween to unleash their gory and gruesome visuals we’re compiling the spookiest Halloween music videos here for your viewing pleasure. (Yo, Bodega Bamz, where’s “Trilla” at?)

HEALTH “Tears”

Flesh-eating zombie toddlers. ‘Nuff said.

Troy Ave “Nightmare On Fed Street”

If you sell coke at make trips to hustle out of town don’t smoke hella weed while you’re ridin’ dirty. It’ll make you paranoid as fuck and you’ll think that federal agent zombies want to pull you over and lock you up forever and ever. No one dies a horrible death in this clip but it’s great to see a visual for one of our favorite songs on Troy’s Bricks In My Backpack 3. Look at this fucking zombie fed!

DOWNLOAD: Troy Ave – “Nightmare On Fed Street” MP3

Gucci Mane Feat. Waka Flocka Flame “Crazy”

Apparently when the 1017 Brick Squad is in the house some strippers are gonna get chopped the fuck up. Gucci and Waka get points for gore good crazy guy costumes and boobie shots–all of the essential components of a good horror flick. Bravo La Flare. Bravo


Radio Galaxy “Edward”

This isn’t a rap video but we had to include Radio Galaxy’s “Edward” video in here because it’s the creepiest one (so far).  The song’s the lead single from their upcoming Daaarkness Everybody…. and the video seems apropos for the songs spooky yet sensual vibe. Hey, is the dog eating blood here? Gross.

Travis Barker & Yelawolf “Whistle Dixie”

Esta la Dia de Los Muertos for the Psycho White duo in this clip featuring “Machete” himself Danny Trejo.

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