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Introducing Haleek Maul’s Collective: On The Tanz

Finally, Rihanna's not the only game in town.

When most people think of music from Barbados, a scantily clad Rihanna comes to mind. Turns out she’s not the only game in town. 18-year-old Barbados native, rapper Haleek Maul has been making waves these past few years dropping his well received debut mixtape on MISHKA, and collaborating with the game’s hottest up-and-coming producers like Supreme Cuts, Hot Sugar, and Forest Swords. The rapper, known for his raspy words that evoke as much restraint as they do bite, recently started a collective of artists in Barbados called On The Tanz.

Maul says the collective is, “Mainly aimed towards promoting new taste in music and art on the island because it’s pretty stagnant here in that regard.” There’s also plans to release original content from the crew’s members in addition to putting on parties and shows on the island. The first official product from On The Tanz comes in the form of a sweet little mix that you can stream and download below.

On The Tanz Volume One Tracklist:

T C F – “A0afdf049217e61e3f3c9a1faf1d1f7288d16148703afb8b3e66f93b268”
French Montana – “Sanctuary”
Jacques Greene – “No Excuse”
Deablo – “When Badman A Step”
Underachievers – “Incandescent”
Forever Forever – “Play Fights”
Alkaline – “Obeah”
Visionist – “Escape”
Mirror Talk – “Don’t (The-Drum Remix)”
Kelela – “Do It Again”
Gorgeous Children – “Loot Mission”
Joey Bada$$ – “Hotbox”
Chuck L. & Jonny K – “The Tanz”
M.E.S.H – “Share The Blame”

On The Tanz cover art
Haleek Maul Black and white photo two middle fingers

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