Donna Sumer Tribute Wall

Hail to the Queen of Disco Donna Summer

The music doesn't stop in the wake of Donna Summer's death. The icon scored moments of celebration for all audiences, and for multiple generations. Rest in peace to the queen.

Donna Summer, the woman who taught generations how to dance died today at age 63. Cancer took her life, sadly. She meant the world to music, as an icon—winning five Grammy awards and becoming the voice of nightlife around the world. In New York, Summer had an even more special place. To this day, years after the phrase “disco is dead” marked the end of the genre’s golden era, it’s impossible to go to any swanky club or dive bar that doesn’t have her music on blast. Matter of fact, even the clubs that front on playing rap still play her records, probably not recognizing her influence on songs that sample her, like Timbaland and Magoo’s “Luv 2 Luv Ya” and “Big Shots” by Eyedea (RIP) and Abilities. In film, Donna Summer appeared on the Flashdance soundtrack, for her song “Romeo.” The video for that song would become a promo for MTV in 1983, just two years after they launched. So many institutions to popular culture have Donna Summer to thank. We thank her back. RIP Donna Summer.

Donna Summer Queen of Disco Died at 63

Donna Sumer Tribute Wall

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