Haiku Fan Review for Freddie Gibbs

Check out what Cheap Thrills Record Club out of Vermont had to say about Freddie Gibbs' Str8 Killa EP in Haiku format.


Two things wrong with today’s internet-drenched society. One — the lost art of record clubs. Two — the almost-lost art of a good f*ckin record reviews! Thankfully, eight freedom-fighting individuals out of Montpelier, Vermont have taken matters into their own hands. The group dubs themselves The Cheap Thrills Record Club and they’ve reached out to our good friends over at Decon Records with an amazing Haiku review of Freddie Gibbs’ Str8 Killa EP. The world needs so much more of this and hopefully we’re going to help make it happen!

Here’s a transcription of the letter that was sent along with the poetry:

Dear Freddie,

We are the Cheap Thrills Record Club U.S.A. #1. A group of us meet every 6 days in Montpelier, VT. We pick out a record on vinyl we have never heard before.

Today we picked your record Str8 Killa. We all split the cost of the vinyl and listen[ed] to it in the record store after hours. We had a blast bangin’ this. Every time we listen to a record we review the album by the ancient motherfucking art of Haiku. Enclosed are the haiku for Str8 Killa.


Cheap Thrills Record Club U.S.A. #1












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  • magnificent, very touching