GX1000: Seattle Is A Playground


Eventually the VX versus HD debate will go the way of the dinosaur. Trust, as soon as the Sony VX camera equipment becomes scarcer than the money cats shell out to repair or restore them, we’ll just move on. But in the mean time, we can still enjoy new episodes of the ever-retro GX1000 series. The latest features the squad (Ben Gore, Yonnie Cruz, Abdias Rivera) getting some in Seattle to the sounds of old school horn-sampled hip hop. Can’t front, stuff shot on older cams, especially the Sony VX, just channels the mid-90′s energy that skateboarding and that equipment made so many love children to.

Skateboarding Seattle GX1000

GX1000 Skateboarding Seattle

Skateboarding Seattle GX1000

Skateboarding GX1000 Seattle