Janelle Ambrosia Nigger Video

Guy Deals With Crazy Racist Lady By Listening to Nas

"Racism is alive and well"

“Racism is alive and well.”

That quote pretty much sums the past two months of news, which has included old man Donald’s racist ass, young Justin Bieber trying to get in the KKK’s good graces, and now a lady spazzing-the-fuck-out on a black man for scaring her children with his car.

And by “spazzing-the-fuck-out” we mean screaming, “You’re a nigger. Nasty fucking nigger.” 

If you’re averse to the super harsh version of the N-word, which includes extra emphasis on the ER, we suggest you don’t watch the video above. Actually, watch it. It’s just another reminder— as the man in the video points out— racism is alive and well.

If there’s a silver lining to this vomit-inducing display of sheer ignorance and insensitivity it’s this: Listening to Nas’ “Halftime” can help you deal with whatever life throws your way (peep the background music, folks). Yes, even if that “thing” is an infuriated mother who would love nothing more than her ex-husband— a cop who “doesn’t like black people either”— to drag you out of your vehicle and “kill” you in front of her children. Shout out to God’s son for keeping homeboy in the video cool, calm, and collected. This could have easily turned in to an altercation involving cops, which apparently wouldn’t have mattered, considering the fact the lady claims she’s stripped for a number of them. We can’t make this shit up.

Check out the full video above, and afterwards listen to the lady from the video, Janelle Ambrosia, call in to a radio station to explain her side of the story.

“Oh what, am I supposed to apologize?”

Janelle Ambrosia Nigger Video

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  • anonymouskg

    wow she is a little crazy yo

  • viralvideojane

    i’m sure this will be another productive exchange of discourse on how to solve the problems of hate and racisim in this country .

  • Matt G

    Hill Billys are alive and well.. (and in the police force ???)