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GumBall 2012: A Race Oddessy

GumBall 2012: A Race Oddessy

GumBall so hard motherfuckers wanna fine me…

Futura2000 Death Valley Human Beings Drive

We whipped across North America at 135mph shooting all the way, getting dusted by “the fast cars.” Our car placed 58th of 124 without apologies. 13th Witness and I are working on a longer format experimental documentary about the trillness of the GumBall Rally. Together we shot 32 million cards and hundreds of rolls of Super 8mm film. The rebel spirit and lawless abandon hasn’t quite worn off yet. I’m off to get a finger tattoo, my first. “Brazen.” As for now enjoy a slide show. Drive Soundtrack for thousands of miles…

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    I wish I was there.

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    more please