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Are You Dating a Basic Bitch?

Are You Dating a Basic Bitch?

Looking for signs your lady is on the basic side? Check out our guide.

Grammar:  A basic doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re. She never will. And she will be offended if you point that out. This goes back to not dating creatives  – writers are out of the question for a basic bitch. She won’t date righters.

Tattoos: Even though she can’t spell, a basic bitch loves tattoos. These include quotes in a foreign language, roman numerals, or a star/flower on her lower back, her ankle, or the back of her wrist. It’s important that everyone knows that her family is important to her, and that she is extremely dim.

Books: Fifty Shades of Grey. Twilight. Anything that everyone in the entire basic community is reading. Prepare tactics for ways to deflect her suggestion that you read it, too.

Basic Bitch Cat Meme

Magazines: OKIn Touch, and Life & Style.


Knowledge:  Who is dating Harry Styles.

Lack of knowledge: Where Syria is, or what’s going on with the government at any given time. Or that nothing is going on with the government at this given time.

Basic Bitch Summary

Deep down issue: A basic is a creature of habit, overwhelmed by adventure and change. This will keep them in “basic” situations such as a unfulfilling relationship, a boring job, or a monotonous life. The fundamental difference between a basic bitch and her bad friend is she cares too much.

Don’t fuck with them basic bitches.

Oprah Winfrey You're All Basic Bitches Meme

Look forward to our follow up article, a guide to “Bad Bitches.” If you have any ideas for us before we get started, please write in the comments section.

And watch this video that helps to describe basic bitches.

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