Are You Dating A Basic Bitch

Are You Dating a Basic Bitch?

Looking for signs your lady is on the basic side? Check out our guide.

Guys, we’re afraid it’s inevitable that most girls can reveal some basic qualities from time to time. However, there’s a difference between liking the occasional top 40 track and being down right basic to the bone. We know it’s hard to tell the difference.

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“You can smell a basic bitch from a mile away. You can smell that bitch’s perfume. A basic bitch is just someone who likes what’s typical to like. The radio puts stuff on the radio that they think is typical and you should like it, and that’s something a basic bitch would like. She likes those normal brands and wears them all the time because that’s some basic shit.” – Kreayshawn on Basic Bitches.

Don’t fret, the ladies here at Mass Appeal have your back. Here is our unofficial guide to knowing you’re dating a basic bitch.

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Are You Dating A Basic Bitch

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  • complex mag

    This was trash.. You guys are a basic magazine

  • Kaitlynn

    Okay, just because we love shopping doesn’t mean we are a basic bitch Mmkay? And Victoria’s Secret is only basic if you buy bras there or are obsessed. Put VS sweatpants or a hoodie that’s not basic… Unless you wear it every day. There are some thing that all women love bad or basic some people just don’t understand that