Greg Lamarche’s Collage on a Colossal Scale – The Big Brush Project Public Art Murals

To kick off Colossal Media's Big Brush Project they collaborated with artist Greg Lamarche on two large, colorful, typographic murals in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Colossal Media creates hand-painted billboards throughout the city. At their best, some of the building-sized advertisements can be appreciated as artistic murals. This summer, Colossal Media introduces The Big Brush Project, an initiative to collaborate with some of their favorite artists and support public art.

For the Big Brush Project murals, Colossal chose two Williamsburg, Brooklyn walls and teamed up with Greg Lamarche, an NYC-based artist known for his typography and collages. He began writing graffiti in 1981 and published the seminal graffiti magazine Skills in the early 1990’s. He has worked as both a fine artist and graphic designer since 2000, and was the cover artist of Mass Appeal issue #16 in 2002 and issue #41 in 2006.

The 1st location is a giant wall at Bedford and Broadway with the Williamsburg Bridge as a backdrop. Process plays a major role in both art forms; instead of working in sections, each letter was painted individually to put emphasis on Lamarche’s letter-by-letter hand-cut collage approach. The second piece is on a more conventional advertising sign spaces, also located in Williamsburg. Creating a design that repeats the words “Sky High” the colorful mural is on a once industrial block now heralded as the new creative hub of New York.







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