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Chris Brown and Drake’s Fight Club Finally Shuttered for Good?

Every night there’s police outside. It’s just kind of standard.

Oh shit, hip hop heads are about to be out of yet another venue. It is being reported that Greenhouse and W.i.P might be closed for good after another police raid took place this past weekend. Sources claim that the violation was due to over crowdedness and loud music. Pretty tame considering the clubs notoriously violent past.

The troubled clubs are known as much for celebrity appearances as they are for epic brawls. We’ve all heard about the 2012 showdown between the world’s softest performers – Drake and Chris Brown – at W.i.P. Then there was that time that “Mob Wives” star Natalie Guercio allegedly hit a woman over the head with a bottle at Greenhouse. Most recently, a melee broke out between a group of NFL hopefuls, where a player ended up stabbed and a club promoter made it out with a messed up grill.

Although hip hop heads might be sad to see the SoHo hotspots go, the venues’ neighbors won’t. A hostess from a nearby restaurant shared her thoughts on the spots stating, “There’s always something crazy happening there, there’s always police outside. Every night there’s police outside. It’s just kind of standard.”

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[H/t New York Post]

greenhouse keep noise down

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