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Grand Theft Auto V New Graphics

Grand Theft Auto V New Graphics


Rockstar games have promised to revolutionize the multiplayer game frontier with the latest installation of Grand Theft Auto. Judging from the graphics that just dropped, the hype surrounding the 5th edition of GTA, which lands on September 17th is warranted. The billion dollar franchise has been slowly releasing snippets of information over the last few months, to simultaneously sate and bolster fan expectations.

We have been introduced to the three main characters – which are rife with stereotype. There’s Michael, the LA douche, Franklin, the gang banger and Trevor, the crack-dealing lowlife, that players can co-manage, a first in GTA history. The main pull for the game has been the sheer scope of Los Santos, a virtual rendition of Los Angeles, which is rumored to be larger than the world of 2004’s GTA: San Andreas, 2008’s GTA IV and 2010’s Red Dead Redemption combined. The plot will center around heists and from the graphics, it seems the new rendering of GTA will boast some air and underwater action as well as the staple fast car chase. Not to mention, some ridiculous costumes.