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Graham Savage Wasley’s Got “The Fever”

Graham Savage Wasley’s Got “The Fever”

And the only prescription is… more skating!

Remember the first time you saw a fellow skater nail a next level trick perfectly? Something that made you realize you wanted to be a part of the culture, and step up your skills? It’s an electric feeling, one that opens up a new world of possibilities. Director Graham Savage Wasley shares one of these tales in his new short film, The Fever.

The feel-good film follows SHUT rider Bogdan Dzyurak through the streets, as a young child narrates the moments leading up to his discovery of skateboarding. Dzuryak casually swoops in and hand delivers a beat up board to the kid, potentially igniting a life-long passion for skate culture.

Shot on 16mm, the film has a distinctly ’70s summertime feel– and one thing is for sure, when you catch skate fever, the only remedy is to embrace the heat and start pushing.