Minke Whale tagged by local Fraternity 2014

Alpha Gamma Beluga

It looks like some frat bros tried to play a game of tag with a whale.

Fall frat recruiting came early this year, in one of the oddest ways possible.

In the wee hours of the morning on May 1 a whale washed ashore in Atlantic City, rendering it beached on the coast. Unfortunately, the deceased whale did not get to rest in peace, as brothers of the TEP (Tau Epsilon Pi) took a cue from your man Banksy and hit up the carcass for a little tagging session. From the looks of it, there were a few much needed practice runs, as the TEP repped their ’94 set.

No word on the culprit from the fraternity’s HQ and a number of chapters in the surrounding area, but the biblical bros at Bro Bible had this to say:

There is nothing to indicate the whale was a pledge or affiliated with Greek Life in any way. If it was, the chapter should be commended for its commitment to diversity.

We at Mass Appeal also applaud this commitment to both diversity in Greek life and fearless enhancement of mother nature’s creations. Hats off t0 TEP, you’re an inspiration to us all.

[h/t Bro Bible & ABC Local]

Minke Whale tagged by local Fraternity 2014

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